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Born in the province of Quebec,  Carole St-Germain is immersed in art since early age. She touches her first brush in the workshop of Mrs Seguin Poirier, where she discovers her passion. Ever since that moment, Carole tries everything : colors, textures and various motifs that because inspirational.

At twenty years old, Carole leaves her dream behind to create her family and do the finances of her husbands business. Four kids later, the business is sold and Carole finds a heaven in a house in the forest by a lake.  She sets up her workshop and the nature that surrounds her helps her create.  Painting becomes then much more that a passion.

She immerse herself in the study of multiple fields: oil, acrylic, pastel and mixed techniques.  She takes lessons to master her craft.  Carole paints at first colorful landscapes, small houses with lots of flowers and several characters that are playing music.  Inspired by the environment, she goes to a universe of purity where she now paints birch trees of various colors.  She expresses her feminity by attacking pulpous lips with red Chanel lipstick that screams, I am here ! By extending her brush strokes, she adds colors, attracts our eyes and floats us to an abstract universe.

She then navigates between an abstract style and a semi-figurative one and integrates the 3rd dimension in her artwork.  Her career begins at an exposition in New-York at the Agora Gallery where she makes the first page of the Wall Street Journal Magazine.  Every since that moment, Carole’s career took wings.  She travels from Canada to the United States and France where she now lives most of the time.  She shines in the most prestigious expositions like GemlucART or at the Carroussel du Louvre.

It was an outstanding for me to receive this honor

Never in my wildest dreams would i have tought to receive one of the most renowned distinction an artist could hope for.  This honor was bestowed on me in France on the 24th of june 2017 at the Salle de Bal Opéra Continental de Paris.  Jacques Cousteau, Simone Veil, Dalida and many other great characters have received the same honor.

Everything was made possible by my agent, Bénédicte Lecat, de Facec International.  She believed in me and gave my nomination to this prestigious association.

Once again thank you very much !

“Painting is nothing more than incorporeal ideas”

Nicolas Poussin



Membre of the association des Beaux Arts, Lettres et Sciences de paris

Membre of the association d’art Pour La Suisse

Facec, Artists For The Canadian Art Delegation

Society of authors in plastic and graphic arts

Membre of the big Gemlucart family Monaco

Arts & Crafts of Brussels


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